We are the great music that you hear everywhere, but that you’ve never heard of. 

For us, it's all about finding that perfect track. And that's what you'll get. Every time. As hidden hit makers, we chart our success outside of the charts - working tirelessly to ensure our clients remain in the limelight.

We listen, respond and surprise – never missing a beat.

Our Services:

This is what we are all about.


  • Dennis Dunn

    SVP, US

  • SinĂ©ad Hartmann

    VP, US

  • Darrel Shirk

    VP, Operations (US/Global)

  • Claude Lewin

    VP, New Business Development

  • Maggie Jaus

    Senior Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Nicole Pellegrino

    Senior Director, Creative

  • Brad Marrapodi

    Senior Director, Production

  • Lisa Paliulis

    Director, Marketing

  • Gavin Carroll

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Alyssa Goto

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Dan Ford

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Chris Marion

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Dean Truitt

    Director, Creative + Production

  • Ryan Nielson

    Director, Production

  • Courtney Day

    Manager, Production

  • Jourdan Stracuzzi-House

    Manager, Creative

  • Allen Mattox

    Coordinator, Creative

  • Corina Kim

    Coordinator, Creative + Business Development

  • Mark Lagowski

    Coordinator, Licensing Administration

  • Chris Brown

    Coordinator, Administration

  • Alex Maganelli

    Coordinator, Income Tracking

  • Brian Furdon

    Studio Engineer

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