Who we are.


Introducing a full-service sound agency.

You need great music.

Streamlined access to a premium music service is a creative advantage. Our relationships are fundamentally cultivated through sound, and we understand your story isn’t complete without a distinct identity. We work to collaborate with you to deliver the music you need, when you need it.

Composer-led from the top, this full-service sound agency is sculpting a new way to connect with clients. We know each one of you is different, and we tailor every interaction to fit your specific demands. In order to masterfully curate our elite library of music, our team is going to get to know you, how you work, and what you expect.

We are BMGPM. You need great music, and we’re listening.

Our Services:

This is what we are all about.


Los Angeles

  • Mitch Lijewski

    SVP, BMGPM International

  • Sinéad Hartmann


  • Amberly Crouse

    Senior Director, Creative & Marketing

  • Jen Bowder

    Director, Creative & Marketing

  • Darrel Shirk

    Senior Director, Operations

  • Nicole Pellegrino

    Director, Creative

  • Dean Truitt

    Director, Creative & Production

  • Brad Marrapodi

    Director, Production

  • Joey McCarran

    Director, Branding & Global Communications

  • Ryan Clodfelter Nielson

    Manager, Production

  • Mark Lagowski

    Coordinator, Licensing Administration

  • Courtney Day

    Music Coordinator

  • Allen Mattox

    Coordinator, Production

  • Brian Furdon

    Studio Engineer

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