Who we are.

Introducing a full-service sound agency.

You need great music.

Streamlined access to a premium music service is a creative advantage. Our relationships are built through sound, and we understand your story isn’t complete without a distinct identity. We collaborate with you to deliver the music you need, when you need it.

We are BMGPM. You need great music, and we’re listening.

Our Services:

This is what we are all about.



  • SinĂ©ad Hartmann


  • Darrel Shirk

    VP, Operations BMGPM

  • Jen Bowder

    Senior Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Angel Slimocosky

    Senior Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Nicole Pellegrino

    Senior Director, Creative

  • Brad Marrapodi

    Senior Director, Production

  • Gavin Carroll

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Alyssa Goto

    Director, Creative + Business Development

  • Dan Ford

    Director, Creative & Business Development

  • Dean Truitt

    Director, Creative + Production

  • Ryan Clodfelter Nielson

    Director, Production

  • Courtney Day

    Manager, Production

  • Mark Lagowski

    Coordinator, Licensing Administration

  • Allen Mattox

    Coordinator, Production

  • Jourdan Stracuzzi-House

    Coordinator, Creative

  • Chris Brown

    Coordinator, Administration

  • Brian Furdon

    Studio Engineer

  • Alex Maganelli

    Coordinator, Income Tracking

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